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Anxiety as an Alarm

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How are you? How's summer treating you so far? Sunscreen, sweat, and late summer nights are all a *thing* over here, and I'm loving it. I went for years craving the fall and winter months; there's something so cozy about that time of year. But I tell ya what: these days, there's something about the brightness and vibrancy of summer that brings me alive in another way. And I'm here for it. I'm curious to hear how it's feeling for you...

This week on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast​ we're going to explore a metaphor that I hope will really bring your nervous system into color in a whole new way: we're talking about anxiety as an alarm.

I know many of us treat anxiety like an emergency; if we're feeling remotely anxious it means Something Has Gone Wrong. But I want to challenge that this week with a mental image that I hope will stick with you and help you reconsider the messaging behind anxiety when it shows up.

Sneak peek: are the curtains on fire? Or are we dealing with burnt toast? ​Join me for this week's episode to hear what I mean​...

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