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Episode 116: Ever Giving Fandom: A Fandom Life For Me!

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Three Patch Podcast Episode 116: In which we share 221B Con fun, talk pirate fandoms and threadfics on Twitter, and read some fanfic about the Ever Given. Yes, really.

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    Episode 124: Antici…….pation


    In this anniversary episode, we ring in Sherlock Holmes’ birthday (and ours) with a reaction roundtable for Power of the Dog, look back on BTS concert squee for their LA performances in 2021, bring you a spooky fandom of interest for The Haunting of Hill House (and Bly Manor), and more.
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    Episode 123: There’s a West Wind Coming


    In which we head out West, explore Names for the Dawn, contextualize scandal in East Asia, hype Ted Lasso, and return to Middle Earth.
  • The Three Patch Podcast podcast

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  • The Three Patch Podcast podcast

    Episode 122: Permission to Dance


    In which we give ourselves permission to dance our fandom, revisit bandoms of the last decade, talk even more about BTS, and introduce you to Street Dance of China.
  • The Three Patch Podcast podcast

    Episode 121: The Musical Episode


    Three Patch Podcast Episode 121: In this very special episode, Three Patch goes full musical theater nerd and invites you to join us for the ride (or at least find out why we’re bursting into song in the hallways). In which we discuss musicals and musical episodes, peg the cast of BBC Sherlock to Disney characters, talk 5+1 beta tips with musicians to improve your fanfic, and talk about musical playlists as fanwork.
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    Episode 119A: Math FOI-Extended Cut


    Episode 119A: Math FOI-Extended Cut. Finnagain and Emma share their squee about all things mathy, talking about how they got into math, what they love and hate about math culture, favourite areas of math, math education, and more about our math recs! Yes, it's math math and even more passionate math talk, extended cut of the original segment included in episode 119.
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    Episode 120: WAP (Sexpisode 9)


    Three Patch Podcast Episode 120: Our ninth annual Sexpisode, in which we do some naughty baking, discuss RPF and tinhatting, read Slippery Creatures, and sing raunchy fannish drinking songs.
  • The Three Patch Podcast podcast

    Episode 119: Reunion!


    In which we share our love for The Pursuit of Love, Math, Loki, and each other as we reunite in Atlanta - at last!
  • The Three Patch Podcast podcast

    Episode 118: Hot John Summer


    In which we celebrate summer John Watson style with discussions of bisexuality, cocktails, Martin Freeman himself, and fandom crafting.
  • The Three Patch Podcast podcast

    Episode 112A: Fandoms of Interest: The Untamed — Extended Cut


    Sherlock fans gather to unravel the Chinese BL(-ish) drama, The Untamed, for the uninitiated, why you should stick with it, and all you have in store if you do. And, on the second anniversary of the airing of The Untamed in China (or close to it), we finally release the (very) extended cut of our original talk! In which we further talk favorite ships, favorite moments, other Mo Dao Zu Shi adaptations, new obsessions (...the actors...), and of course fic recs.
  • The Three Patch Podcast podcast

    Episode 117: Resiliency Through Fandom


    In which we discuss resilience and new trends in fandom. We hear from Sherlock fans who joined after Series 4, how fans use Discord to build community, consult with funny authors who write humor, and rec some new and recent fanworks.

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