The Rebuilders podcast

The Rebuilders

Anna Vogt, Sara Tate

In an age obsessed with startups, this podcast is the antidote to failing fast and moving on. We discover what it takes to commit to a broken situation and turn it into a success. From businesses to lifestyles to relationships, each week we interview someone who has turned an aspect of their life around. Through their personal stories, we explore the tricks, traits, triggers all of us can apply to remake, rebuild, or reboot something we love.

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  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding Dogs’ Behaviour with Nigel Reed


    Nigel Reed is the author of The Dog Guardian and a prominent dog behaviourist in the UK.Nigel’s youtube channel features many useful tutorials and tips and is regularly updated with content:’s book can be purchased here:The Dog Guardian: Your Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Dog
  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding Your Career with Tiffany Philippou


    Tiffany co-hosts a podcast to help others find joy at work, she also writes to challenge perceptions and coaches people to fulfil their desires. And she does it all so nothing holds us back from a life worth living. Her writing about work, life and love has been published in Refinery 29, Stylist, The i Paper, Sifted and The Startup.Find her podcast here -  Is This Working? - which talks about the messy parts of work.Read and subscribe to her newsletter The Tiff Weekly, for a weekly story told from her life that challenges perceptions on how we should be living our lives.
  • The Rebuilders podcast

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  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding Life Without Alcohol with Lucy Rocca


    Lucy Rocca is a mother, life coach, founder of Soberistas and author ofThe Sober Revolution,The A-Z of Binning the BoozeThe Sober Revolution: Calling Time on Wine O’ClockGlass Half FullLucy is passionate about helping people feel good about leading an alcohol-free life and not seeing giving up alcohol as a compromise. But rather as gaining life in control. She has grown the Soberistas community to over 65,000 members and has turned her personal rebuild into a truly communal one. Lucy has made numerous radio and TV appearances on this topic.Lucy Rocca Life Coaching: Soberistas:
  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding a Creative Company with Nancy Reyes


    Nancy Reyes is an industry veteran with over 20 years combined agency and client-side experience. She joined TBWA’s New York headquarters in 2016 and serves as the day-to-day operational lead for the agency, as well as the principal liaison across all roster clients, which include Mountain Dew, TD Bank and Hilton Hotels.Prior to TBWA, Nancy was VP of Marketing Creative for Verizon, responsible for 360-degree creative product for the brand’s wireless business, which included advertising, retail and social marketing under the “Better Matters” brand platform. Most of Reyes’ advertising career was spent in Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ San Francisco office, where she worked for 11 years on accounts like Adobe, Frito-Lay, Google, Comcast and HP.TBWA\Chiat\Day is the New York office of TBWA, known as the Disruption® Company. They help brands find strategic and creative white space through the power of Disruption. Their roster of clients includes world leading brands such as McDonalds, Mountain Dew, Mayo Clinic and adidas. They are considered to be one of thew world's leading creative companies recognised by Fast Company in 2019 and 2020 as one of the  'World's Most Innovative Companies'. 
  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding Your Purpose with Marc Lewis


    Once upon a time, Marc Lewis was a student at John Gillard’s SCA, before making his breakthrough and fortune on the tech start-up scene. Following a breakdown, and the closure of the SCA, Marc decided to return to the creative industry and rebuild and reopen the SCA 2.0. Marc talks passionately about his telos, or purpose, about having an industry funded school, creating scholarships and rebuilding the creative community by putting diversity at the heart of the creative industry.
  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding a Broken Team with Sophie Devonshire


    Sophie kindly gave up her time to speak to co-host Sara Tate, only 4 days into her new role at The Marketing Society, and 4 weeks into UK lockdown.Sophie is an experienced business leader, entrepreneur, marketer and bestselling author who has worked in and with multinational companies, successful start-ups and agencies. An ‘acceleration addict’ she is constantly curious about how to speed up success. Her book on leadership ‘Superfast: Lead at Speed’ was published by John Murray Press and was shortlisted for Business Book of the Year as well as getting to a no.1 spot on Amazon. Sophie is an acclaimed keynote speaker, talking to organisations and at events regularly. Her most recent role has been as CEO of The Caffeine Partnership, a unique business consultancy which helps leaders to work with purpose and pace, where she has worked with impatient business leaders across the world.Learn more about Lead at Speed:https://superfastthebook.comFollow Sophie: 
  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding Life After Prison


    Chris Atkins is a documentary film maker, journalist and author. He found success early in life with documentaries Taking Liberties, Starsuckers, and UKIP: The First 100 Days. He has received 3 BAFTA nominations for his work and also gave evidence at the Leveson Inquiry. In 2016 he was sentenced to five years in prison for participating in a tax evasion schemes within the British film industry. He published a book about his time in prison entitled A Bit of a Stretch. But our conversation focuses on Chris’ time after prison and how he used his time away to decide how we wanted to come back. We cover post-it notes, parties, pitches and people in a wonderfully open, self-aware and funny conversation.
  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding a Life and Career with Faris Yakob


    Faris is award winning strategist, creative director, writer, public speaker and geek. He was advising on how to use the internet before most people knew it was there. He has spent two decades challenging the staus quo of the advertising and marketing industry and worked on some of the world’s greatest brands. He has spent time living in the UK, Sydney and New York before starting his own business in 2013. Alongside Rosie Siman Yakob, he is the co-founder of nomadic creative consultancy Genius Steals. and the pair have lived nomadically since 2013.In his own words “I'm trying to work out how we communicate in a networked world, how we can make people happy, how we can make awesome stuff that is useful or entertaining or both.”Follow him here
  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding Your Self-worth with Charlie Webster


    Charlie Webster is a renounced broadcaster, campaigner, and host of podcasts My Sporting Mind and the Undiscussable series. She’s been honoured in Parliament for her work in increasing awareness of domestic abuse and successfully campaigned to get children included in the definition of abuse victims. In 2016, she was told she was unlikely to wake up from a medically induced coma but miraculously recovered. This prompted her to confront childhood traumas in order to fully enjoy and appreciate her life and achievements. @therebuilders      
  • The Rebuilders podcast

    Rebuilding The Face Magazine with Jason Gonsalves


    The Face is a British music, fashion and culture monthly magazine originally published from 1980 to 2004, and relaunched in 2019. It was first launched in May 1980 in London by Nick Logan, the British journalist who had previously been editor of New Musical Express and Smash Hits.Explore it at  

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