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The Pacific Century

Hoover Institution

The 21st century may be the Pacific Century, and China appears poised to become America’s greatest rival for global power and influence. Hosts John Yoo and Michael Auslin broadly address developments in China and Asia. They discuss the latest politics, economics, law, and cultural news, with a focus on US policy in the region.

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  • The Pacific Century podcast

    John Pomfret’s Chinese Lessons


    Misha talks with John Pomfret, author of The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom, about living with China since 1980, how Americans misunderstood Beijing's worldview, and where US-China relations go from here.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

    What’s In Store for Asia in 2022?


    Misha is joined by Amb. Derek Mitchell, of the National Democratic Institute, and Dr. Dan Twining, of the International Republican Institute, to talk about democracy in Asia, the China challenge, and predictions for 2022.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

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  • The Pacific Century podcast

    Wang Huning: The World‘s Most Dangerous Thinker?


    Misha talks with David Ownby and Matt Johnson, of "Reading the China Dream" on the Chinese Republic of Letters, modern Chinese thinkers, and the influence of Wang Huning, lead ideologist and intellectual of the CCP.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

    John Mearsheimer on the Inevitable US-China Rivalry


    Misha talks with Professor John Mearsheimer about the inevitable clash between America and China, and why engagement with China was the biggest strategic blunder in recent history.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

    Talking China with the Commandant of the Marines


    Misha talks with General David Berger, Commandant of the US Marines Corps on how the Marines are preparing to face China, working with allies, and what the Corps will look like in the future to maintain its edge in the Pacific.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

    Is China Playing Defense?


    Misha and John talk with Columbia professor Andrew Nathan on the domestic drivers of China’s foreign policy, Xi Jinping’s leadership, Taiwan, human rights, and CCP politics.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

    Decoding China’s Global Strategy with Bonnie Glaser


    Misha talks with Bonnie Glaser, head of the Asia Program at the German Marshall Fund about how Beijing uses its foreign and security policy to displace the US, weaken Taiwan, and undermine global institutions.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

    Alexander Downer Gives the View From Down Under


    Misha and John are joined by Alexander Downer, Australia’s longest serving foreign minister and former high commissioner to Great Britain, to discuss Beijing’s economic war against Australia, the new AUKUS agreement, how AUKUS differs from the Quad, why Australia has some of the world’s most stringent COVID policies, and more.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

    From Mao to Now: David Shambaugh on China‘s Leaders


    Misha and John talk with George Washington University's David Shambaugh, about his new book From Mao to Now, a history of each of China's leaders. He ranks them in terms of effectiveness, and also ranks the US presidents who dealt with them.  In between, he talks about the role of the Chinese Communist Party and the Leninist party-state.
  • The Pacific Century podcast

    Adrian Wooldridge on the Aristocracy of Talent


    Misha talks with Adrian Wooldridge, political editor of The Economist, about his new book, The Aristocracy of Talent.  They discuss the history of meritocracy in China, and look at how meritocracy works and doesn’t work today, in China, Singapore, Japan, and the West. Plus, he names his favorite “meritocracy movie”!

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