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Why Saturn is the ONLY Ruler of Aquarius in Traditional Astrology

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ASTROLOGY MASTERCLASS -- Since the discovery of Uranus in 1781, the topic of which planet rules Aquarius has been a great source of controversy within the astrological community. In this Q and A, I give a general overview of the concept of rulership, the Thema Mundi, and ultimately how our Astrology is based on harmonies that exist within Nature; harmonies that - if understood - stand to bring us all greater light and clarity within our practice of Astrology, both Traditional and Modern.

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    NORWAC PROMO EPISODE -- EP. 60 --  The Northwest Astrology Conference is one of the most popular Astrology conferences in the world, that started out as one Astrologer's vision to create a family gathering amongst Astrologers who could meet and share their love of Astrology as equals. Over 30 years later, find out how professional Astrologer Laura Nalbandian is carrying on this legacy of her mother's vision, and creating more opportunities for Astrology enthusiasts and professionals from all around the world to enjoy the NORWAC experience from the comfort of their own homes in this year's virtual conference. Laura explains the experience of attending an Astrology conference and what you can expect at NORWAC 2021. Register today at:

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