The New Future of Work ™ podcast

The New Future of Work ™

Monica Bourgeau

It’s time to design new ways of working and create human-centered workplaces where employees thrive and do meaningful work. Employee stress levels and negative emotions are at an all-time high, and fewer than 1 in 4 employees feel their employers care about their wellbeing. It’s time for a change. People need to come first. Join host, future of work consultant, and award-winning author, Monica Bourgeau, as she goes behind the scenes with leaders and changemakers to learn how they are designing workplaces of the future today and how they moved from idea to execution. A former healthcare executive for nearly 25 years, Monica went from burned out, exhausted, and disheartened to mission-driven and excited to wake up every morning. As the CEO of New Phase Partners, she now helps leaders create more human-centric and mission-driven organizations. Get inspired to think about work in a new way, transform your workplace, and bring about lasting change in your part of the world. Let’s get started.

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