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How Right Wing Politics Begets Violence

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This is a preview of our full episode that you can access over at Become a member today and help us maintain our editorial independence as well as unlock a lot of special features like live shows and our private discord.  Co-hosts Jared Yates Sexton and Nick Hauselman had to talk about the latest news of a 32 year old man in Pennsylvania who not only killed his father by beheading him, but live streamed it to the world, all because his father worked for the federal government. Add to this the news that a caravan of American citizens are driving down to the border to make some sort of statement about the immigration crisis at the border, and we're moving towards a real crisis. They finish the show with a breakdown of the latest David Brooks article in The Atlantic that purports to take the temperature of the country and gets things amazingly wrong. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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