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American Casualties In The Middle East Could Lead To War

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Co-hosts Jared Yates Sexton and Nick Hauselman discuss the escalation of violence in the Middle East as 3 Americans were killed in an attack by Iranian backed militants, and how Joe Biden should handle the response. They then turn to a NEWSFLASH: Republicans obstructing their own bi-partisan deal just so they can claim a political win in November as Biden has started echoing Trump on his border policies. Nancy Pelosi intimates that the Russians are funding pro Palestinian protests in the United States, as one does, and the pod finishes on a bizarre rap song recorded by none other than MC Ben Shapiro. For more Muckrake, including access to the Weekender show on Fridays and live tapings, head over to Patreon and become patron of the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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