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Sonali Pier: Don’t Rent Yield

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Our guest this week is Sonali Pier. Sonali is a managing director and portfolio manager at Pimco, a global leader in fixed-income investing based in Newport Beach, California. Sonali is lead manager for the Pimco Diversified Income Fund, which carries a Gold rating from Morningstar, and she comanages a number of other strategies, including Pimco High Yield and two ETFs. She serves on various committees at Pimco, and she was honored early in her career as a Rising Talent by Morningstar’s Manager Research team. Prior to joining Pimco, Sonali was a senior credit trader at J.P. Morgan. She has a bachelor’s in economics from Princeton.



The Top Female Portfolio Managers to Invest With Now,” by Megan Pacholok and Amrutha Alladi,, March 6, 2023.

Pimco Access Income Fund

Pimco Dynamic Income Opportunities Fund

Pimco Enhanced Low Duration Active ETF

Pimco Multisector Bond Active ETF

Pimco Credit Opportunities Bond Fund

Pimco Diversified Income Fund

Pimco High Yield Fund

Pimco High Yield Spectrum Fund

Pimco Low Duration Credit Fund

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