The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

The Legal Ops Podcast

Alex Rosenrauch and Elliot Leibu

The Legal Ops Podcast is about all things legal operations, legal business and legal technology. It's hosted by Alex Rosenrauch and Elliot Leibu, legal ops professionals with experience and passion for this subject, and deep connections in the industry. Every episode covers a new aspect of transformation, operationalisation and technology implementation, overlaid with the human elements of change management and organisational psychology. If you're interested in the changing nature of legal services delivery, and you want to be a part of it, this is the podcast for you.

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  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    The Pulse: Tinder for lawyers, what's hot (and not) in 2021, Microsoft's seed investment and recent legal tech acquisitions


    Alex and Elliot chat about: * Two recent legal tech acquisitions * Microsoft's seed investment in Definely * What's hot (and not) in legal tech in 2021 * A new "Tinder for lawyers" app LINKS What's hot (and not) article: Tinder for lawyers article:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    The basics of CLM with Colin Levy


    Colin Levy is a corporate lawyer, a legal tech evangelist and a regular commentator on all things legal tech and legal operations. His diverse experience has given him extensive exposure to the commercial contracting space, as a lawyer and also as a designer and implementer of contract management systems. For this episode we sat down with Colin to discuss the basics of contract lifecycle management (CLM), including: * What the phrase "contract lifecycle management" actually means * As an in-house lawyer, how you know you need a CLM tool and how to choose the right one * Considerations when implementing a CLM tool, including how to build a business case, which stakeholders to engage and how to improve your underlying contracting processes * The new features which are being added to CLM tools now and in the future * What the future holds for legal technology more generally LINKS Colin Levy on LinkedIn:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

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  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    The Pulse: Litera acquires Kira, the maturing of legal tech and the 2021 Gartner hype cycle


    Alex and Elliot chat about: * More news on the M1X MacBook Pros * The recent acquisition of Kira Systems by Litera Microsystems, and Luminance's related PR campaign * The maturing of the legal tech market * The 2021 Gartner hype cycle for legal and compliance technologies LINKS Legal Evolution article: Article on the 2021 Gartner hype cycle:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    Digital transformation of legal with Mark Cohen


    Mark Cohen is a genuine thought leader on the changing nature of the legal profession. He is a frequent speaker about legal transformation and a prolific writer on the topic for a range of publications, including Forbes magazine. A former trial lawyer, Big Law partner, boutique law firm founder and current legal transformation consultant, he has a wealth of experience in the space. We sat down with Mark to discuss digital transformation and how it applies to the legal industry, including: * The relationship between digital transformation and customer centricity * When considering legal technology, why it’s more important to focus on the customer benefits than the technology itself * How digital transformation will enable law departments to change from being cost centres to drivers of business value * The importance of data to law departments and the businesses they support * How to drive cultural change around digital transformation * The role of legal operations in the changing nature of the legal industry LINKS Digital Legal Exchange: Legal Mosaic:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    The Pulse: Alex Su, the man behind the meme


    Alex and Elliot chat with Alex Su about his hugely popular Tik Tok and LinkedIn videos which poke fun at the legal industry, how he creates great comedic content, whether or not he has faced backlash and how he transitioned from practising law to selling legal tech. LINKS Alex Su on LinkedIn:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    Becoming CLOC President with Mike Haven


    Mike Haven recently became President of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC). He is also the Head of Legal Operation at Intel, a thoughtful and passionate commentator on all things legal operations and he was our first ever guest on the podcast back in 2019. We sat down with Mike to discuss CLOC, the state of the industry and the future of work in a post-pandemic world. Here's a snapshot of what we covered: * Why Mike became CLOC President and what he considered in deciding whether or not to take on the role. * What he sees as the future of the organisation and how it will build on successes of the past. * Why “matters of the heart” will be an increasing focus for the future, including in particular fostering greater diversity in legal operations and in legal practice generally. * Results from the recent 2021 State of the Industry Report, what has changed over time and what it tells us about the development of the legal operations industry. * How corporate legal departments are planning their post-pandemic working arrangements, and what work will be like for lawyers in the future. LINKS Mike's article on becoming CLOC President: Mike on LinkedIn: CLOC 2021 State of the Industry Report: Atlassian article on remote working:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    The Pulse: Capital raisings, law rated a high risk job and product design frameworks from the inventor of the iPod and iPhone


    Alex and Elliot chat about: * Recent capital raisings by Lexion, Tonkean, Intapp and Legal Zoom * A recent report rating law a high risk profession for psychological hazards * 6 product design frameworks from the inventor of the iPod and iPhone, and what they mean for legal tech LINKS 6 product frameworks from Tony Fadell:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    Law department strategy with Susan Hackett


    Lawyers are notoriously poor at stepping back from their work to think about what they're doing and how they're doing it. Yet this reflection is vital to ensuring that the right output is being provided in the right way. Optimising the delivery of value to clients requires looking at the big picture, articulating the legal team's competitive advantage and, above all, creating and implementing a strategy. We met with Susan Hackett, CEO of Legal Executive Leadership LLC and former General Counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel. Susan advises law departments and law firms on all aspects of the business of law, including strategy, leadership, change management and legal operations. Susan, Alex and Elliot discussed many topics related to strategy and legal operations, including: * Why legal operations professionals were originally referred to as "legal executives". * What strategy actually is. * How and when to set strategy. * What elements comprise a law department strategy and where technology fits in. * The role of legal operations in the strategy setting process. * Susan's view on the future of legal operations and technology. LINKS Susan Hackett on LinkedIn:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    The Pulse: M1X MacBook Pros, legal tech capital raisings, Amazon using data analysis to update its disputes clause and The Legal Tech-to-English Dictionary


    Alex and Elliot chat about: * The highly anticipated M1X MacBook Pro and why Elliot wants one * Recent legal tech capital raisings by ContractBook and Tessian * Amazon using data analysis to update the disputes clause in its Terms of Service * The Legal Tech-to-English Dictionary and Elliot's attempt to define "User Experience" and "Change Management" LINKS ContractBook capital raising: Tessian capital raising: Amazon updates its disputes clause: The Legal Tech-to-English Dictionary:
  • The Legal Ops Podcast podcast

    Talking Tech: BrightFlag with Alex Kelly


    In this Talking Tech episode Alex and Elliot speak with Alex Kelly, co-founder and COO of BrightFlag. BrightFlag is a legal spend management platform which uses artificial intelligence to automate the review and management of law firm invoices. LINKS BrightFlag website: BrightFlag on LinkedIn: Alex Kelly on LinkedIn:

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