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Trans Agenda Defeated In Virginia

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Do you remember the Loudon county critical race theory story? Well, it wasn't just critical race theory being taught; it was also the trans / LGBTQ / drag queen hour evangelism. One of the Loudon county gym teachers is a Christian, and he stood up to say that he couldn't call a young man a woman in good conscience or vice versa. Immediately he was disciplined, he lost his job, and he took it to court. Now an additional two teachers are joining him in taking the case to the supreme court!

Coming up on today's broadcast online freedom of speech, Biden's recent picks for the FCC, and awakening the need to engage in civics.

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    The “Fed-surrection"


    We have two different Americas right now - the America filled with fear and the America that isn't afraid. These two Americas are sheep states vs. goat states. Jesus taught about sheep and goat nations 2000 years ago, and now the sheep are being attacked by the system. Coming up on today's episode, we're talking about the 'Fed-surrection,' Dr. Fauci on the ropes, Ray Epps carefully worded denials, and the righteous awakening happening now!
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    Level 10 Living (Ep3) The Four Drivers of Behavior


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    Mountain Hopping To Save America


    Today we're talking about 'mountain hopping,' which is like an advanced x-games for expanding the kingdom of God. Wait until you hear about Pastor Abraham Kuyper - a mountain hopper who went from church to education, media, and government. The only thing he didn't do was business! The Trump-backed 'Truth' social media network will be going live soon, and as Rush Limbaugh said, "If the media didn't make you, they can't break you." We're discussing all of this and more on today's broadcast.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Justice Sotomayor's Supreme Mistake


    Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor made a supreme mistake last week, while most Americans don't understand the tenth amendment. The states have sovereignty, but the progressives want all power centralized at a federal level. We should not allow the government to push past the boundaries around your house to control your family. We're talking about the distinction between free speech and compelled speech, violence and intimidation preventing Christians from doing what is right, and much more on today's broadcast.
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    More Disturbing Evidence About The FBI


    Today's such an important show as we're going to be exposing things that are not typically exposed. The mainstream media's credibility has taken a nose-dive, the government's lust for power is looking to find ways around the laws our founders created, and the FBI is targeting moms as if they are the danger. Forget about the deep state - now left-wing bureaucracies in DC are working directly against American interests! All of this and more on today's broadcast.
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    What Do You Need To Know Spiritually To Understand Our Times?


    My mentor, Derek Prince, said that all failure in Christian life comes down to two things. Either an insufficient understanding of the scripture or an insufficient application of the available power of God. So what do you need to know spiritually to understand the times we are in? Find out in this bible study with Lance.
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    The Left Doubles Down on Internet Censorship


    Joe Biden had his Lincoln moment when the 2020 riots happened. He could have encouraged unity and healing; instead, he doubled down on the race-baiting agenda. The Democrats have revealed their hand - they're not interested in America; they're interested in narrative, which is both sad and scary at the same time. Coming up in today's broadcast, we're talking about Rand Paul quitting Twitter, the number of people who want to break up the big tech oligarchs, blue border towns in Texas turning red, and more!
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    What the Media Is Not Telling You


    Yesterday we talked about The Fed and how whoever controls it determines who will win economically; the Davos / World Economic Forum globalists or the United States. Here's a staggering statistic for you - since January 2020, 80% of all US dollars have been printed! In today's episode, we're talking about Jan 6th, 2021, the media's obvious bias when reporting on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial vs. the SUV Christmas killer, Dr. Malone on the Mass Formation Psychosis, The battle on social media, and more!
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Two Battles We’ll Face in 2022


    It's the beginning of 2022, and I'm concerned that those of us in the Christian world are missing the real story and if we're prepared for what's coming. On today's broadcast, we're covering the furor around Joe Rogan and Dr. Malone, the battle over economic policy, yet another conservative banned from social media while the squad continues to spew their toxic vitriol, Devin Nunes resigns to join team Trump, and more.

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