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Marxist Matrix Of Control

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Ted Cruz has a warning for us on our voting rights and the worst part of it is that the Democrats are marketing their assault on democracy as protecting it! The remedy to all of this is that we need to persuade a lot more people of the truth.

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  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    The Misdirection Of The Main Stream Media


    If you've been tuning into my broadcasts for a while, you'll know that the news cycle itself is a media manipulation. The media picks what things to show you and fails to mention others. Hunter Biden's laptop is one story they chose not to show you, while for four years, all we heard from the left-wing networks was 'Trump, Russia, possible collusion,' which was then what it is today - a complete hoax. Coming up, we're talking about the lawlessness of our institutions, The knock-on effect of increased crime in our streets, Jeffrey Epstein, Project Veritas raided, and more.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    How The Left Ran Out Of Ammo: Ghislaine Maxwell, Ahmaud Arbery, and MSM redirection


    The Drudge report went entirely anti-Trump a while ago, but here's an interesting fact. Ghislaine Maxwell's trial was due to start, and what was the headline that Drudge ran with? That Trump was on an Epstein flight, not that Maxwell was about to stand trial for aiding Jeffrey Epstein. Coming up on today's broadcast, we're talking about the Steele Dossier, ASU students protesting Kyle Rittenhouse's attendance, The Ahmaud Arbery case, the Waukesha Killer, the intellectual dark web, and more.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

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  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    The Left's Next False Religion


    God is building something and he's laying the foundation in America. Listen to this from Zechariah chapter 8: "Let your hands be strong, You who have been hearing in these days These words by the mouth of the prophets, Who spoke in the day the foundation was laid For the house of the Lord of hosts, That the temple might be built." Coming up on today's broadcast the left's constant race baiting, the big plan of the global elites, the UN's key role, the 4th industrial revolution, and transhumanism.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Rittenhouse Reveals Shocking New Information


    Sometimes you have to stop and appreciate the freedom and the things you have now. So many Americans aren't thankful for what they have and we live in one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Coming up on today's broadcast Candace Owens fundraising efforts, Kyle Rittenhouse's shocking revelation, America hanging in the balance, and the Jan 6th insurrection.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    America On Trial


    The media has been lying to you about the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was recently acquitted on all charges. They're trying to make it look like he's some kind of criminal, but they're just spinning their own agenda. Check out this episode for the truth!
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Something Great To Pray For


    This is the time we should remember the great promise from Isaiah. "For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder." - Isaiah 9:6 As we know, government can be corrupt, dangerous, and restrict your liberty, so a Government on Jesus' shoulders is something to pray for. Coming up on today's broadcast, we're talking about Bumbling Biden, Kyle Rittenhouse, The FBI's raid on Project Veritas, and much more!
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    What You Don't Know About Thanksgiving


    Do you remember the old great charismatic ditties we used to sing? Songs like He has made me glad (I will enter His gates). Thanksgiving creates an atmosphere where you can enter the gates! Thanksgiving is more than a day with the turkey, it's the secret to recalibrating your focus above the bad news, news cycle. Coming up on today's broadcast is the reality of Thanksgiving, critical race theory, Abraham proclaiming a national day of Thanksgiving, and a prayer.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    The Truth About January 6th Exposed


    The great awakening has started, and we're constantly seeing reports of the awakening of the people. There is such colossal division forming in America, and it's the independents that we need to watch as they are waking up to the Marxist regime attempting to transform America in ways that will permanently cripple it on the world stage. This is the goal of these people! Coming up on today's episode, the increasingly small number of transnational corporations lining their pockets, the fallout from January 6th, and election fraud. Watch the movie about January 6th here:
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Trans Agenda Defeated In Virginia


    Do you remember the Loudon county critical race theory story? Well, it wasn't just critical race theory being taught; it was also the trans / LGBTQ / drag queen hour evangelism. One of the Loudon county gym teachers is a Christian, and he stood up to say that he couldn't call a young man a woman in good conscience or vice versa. Immediately he was disciplined, he lost his job, and he took it to court. Now an additional two teachers are joining him in taking the case to the supreme court! Coming up on today's broadcast online freedom of speech, Biden's recent picks for the FCC, and awakening the need to engage in civics.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Beto's Back


    Beto as Texas Governor? Yeah, I don't think so. Beto has been a great example of the liberal craziness that is going on in America today. In this episode, we'll cover some polls and other things to show you why wokeism won't stand a chance.

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