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“The Lance Wallnau Show” follows the machinations of influence shaping and policy making in America, from local political activism to international diplomacy. Lance Wallnau looks past the distractions of political theater and stunts and focuses on the hidden powers and agenda. Lance breaks down and decodes current events, legislative proposals and policies that shape American life - as well as the people making and influencing those policies and their ultimate outcome, intended or otherwise.

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  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Something Great To Pray For


    This is the time we should remember the great promise from Isaiah. "For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder." - Isaiah 9:6 As we know, government can be corrupt, dangerous, and restrict your liberty, so a Government on Jesus' shoulders is something to pray for. Coming up on today's broadcast, we're talking about Bumbling Biden, Kyle Rittenhouse, The FBI's raid on Project Veritas, and much more!
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    What You Don't Know About Thanksgiving


    Do you remember the old great charismatic ditties we used to sing? Songs like He has made me glad (I will enter His gates). Thanksgiving creates an atmosphere where you can enter the gates! Thanksgiving is more than a day with the turkey, it's the secret to recalibrating your focus above the bad news, news cycle. Coming up on today's broadcast is the reality of Thanksgiving, critical race theory, Abraham proclaiming a national day of Thanksgiving, and a prayer.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

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  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    The Truth About January 6th Exposed


    The great awakening has started, and we're constantly seeing reports of the awakening of the people. There is such colossal division forming in America, and it's the independents that we need to watch as they are waking up to the Marxist regime attempting to transform America in ways that will permanently cripple it on the world stage. This is the goal of these people! Coming up on today's episode, the increasingly small number of transnational corporations lining their pockets, the fallout from January 6th, and election fraud. Watch the movie about January 6th here:
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Trans Agenda Defeated In Virginia


    Do you remember the Loudon county critical race theory story? Well, it wasn't just critical race theory being taught; it was also the trans / LGBTQ / drag queen hour evangelism. One of the Loudon county gym teachers is a Christian, and he stood up to say that he couldn't call a young man a woman in good conscience or vice versa. Immediately he was disciplined, he lost his job, and he took it to court. Now an additional two teachers are joining him in taking the case to the supreme court! Coming up on today's broadcast online freedom of speech, Biden's recent picks for the FCC, and awakening the need to engage in civics.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Beto's Back


    Beto as Texas Governor? Yeah, I don't think so. Beto has been a great example of the liberal craziness that is going on in America today. In this episode, we'll cover some polls and other things to show you why wokeism won't stand a chance.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Joe Biden's Old Friend in China


    Joe Biden recently met with Xi Jinping, and much as Biden previously denied any kind of good relationship with the President of the People's Republic Of China, President Xi referred to Biden as his 'old friend'. China is busy opening up huge new coal plants, while far leftists in America are still pushing for the green new deal and the climate agenda. Coming up on today's episode The rise and fall of nations, Russia massing troops on the border, the populist push back, and building the American firewall.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Breaking Controlling Powers


    We haven't talked about the incident at Travis Scott's Astroworld yet, which happened in Houston, Texas. 8 people were dead and hundreds were injured. There was so much demonic imagery at this concert and Jimena Canales, author of “Bedeviled” comments on how the awareness of the demonic and the spiritual has not gone away with the increase of technology. We saw that at the Travis Scott concert.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Is Poland a Prophecy for the United States?


    Christianity is under attack in the US. As Christians are persecuted, suppressed, and silenced on a daily basis, could Poland be a prophetic warning for America? In this episode, we take an analytical look at the similarities between Poland and the United States as we explore God's destiny for both nations.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    What will happen in Kenosha?


    Why are protestors tolerated outside this courthouse? Who organized them? Who is funding them? Why does the Attorney General and Dept of Justice never prosecute rioters on the Left? The Left wing once again uses threats of violence and riots if they don’t get their way. Will it backfire? Yes. The tide has changed and the electorate is awakening. The lawlessness of the left feeds the political backlash that’s brewing.   It all depends on what the jury saw. Kenosha County attorneys Thomas Binger and James Kraus were figures in a "clown show" of a prosecution against defendant Kyle Rittenhouse, most notably with their overt lack of basic understanding of firearms, gun rights advocate and radio host Dana Loesch said Monday.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    What Happens When America Leaves The World Stage?


    The prosecutors have been messing up the Kyle Rittenhouse case, and it's been so bad even the judge has been yelling at the prosecutors! Of course, the media has been running propaganda from the very beginning. Did you see that they are now using big bird to propagandise to your kids? It's completely insane! Coming up on today's show is Putin's main goal, The infrastructure bill, Americans stuck in Afghanistan, and what happens when America leaves the world stage?

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