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Paola Antonelli on MoMA, video games and catching the waves of life

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Paola Antonelli is the senior curator at The Museum of Modern Art in the Department of Architecture & Design, as well as MoMA’s founding director of Research & Development. 

In our conversation Paola discusses her role at MoMA, the current exhibition Never Alone: Video Games and Other Interactive Design and digital collections. A lovely part of our conversation is also getting to know Paola personally and learning about how her career and life choices came to be. She uses a beautiful metaphor of catching a wave which I know will resonate with you.

MoMA's website: www.moma.org

Never Alone: Video Games and Other Interactive Design: moma.org/calendar/exhibitions/5453

MoMA's R&D Salons: momarnd.moma.org/salons


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