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Hella Jongerius on experimentation, weaving and our obsession with the new

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Hella Jongerius is a renowned Dutch designer known for her innovative and experimental approach to product design. She works across a range of materials and disciplines, including textiles, ceramics, furniture, and industrial design. Her work often explores the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and industrial production, and she is known for her use of color, texture, and form. 

In our conversation, Hella shares with us her design philosophy, and you will learn so much from it – I did for sure. Hella talks about finding both normal and hysterical answers to design questions, the relationship between industrial design and craft, and the importance of keeping a sense of lightness and playfulness in the design process. We also dive into 3D weaving and its potential applications in pliable architecture, cars and helicopter drones, and we also discuss solar yarns.

It's a conversation that weaves innovation, playfulness and craft together, and you will absolutely love it.


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