The Art of Aging Mindfully podcast

The Art of Aging Mindfully

Jai Sugrim

Welcome to The Art of Aging Mindfully, a podcast hosted by Jai Sugrim, a certified yoga teacher, longevity expert and personal trainer with 28 years of professional experience in helping people age gracefully and maintain their physical and mental health. In each episode, Jai will share his knowledge and expertise on the latest scientific research and ancient practices for improving longevity, personal health span, and cognitive function as we age.Whether you're looking to stay active and healthy in your golden years or simply want to learn more about mindful aging, this podcast is for you. Jai will delve into topics such as the power of positive habits, the importance of preventive maintenance, mindful movement and exercise, nutrition for aging well, and spirituality and aging.Join Jai on a journey to embrace the art of aging mindfully and remain active and healthy contributors to society.

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