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Solo Ageing and Inclusion

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We are delighted to bring you our next episode on solo ageing with Patricia Faulks and Denise Jackson (whom you may recall from our first year of broadcasting).  

Patricia Faulks set up her blog, Lilley and Me, during Covid lockdowns to share the story of ageing alone with childlessness and the challenges that brings including learning how to use her computer and Zoom calls. Denise Jackson returns to the podcast to talk about bias around money saving having challenged UK money expert Martin Lewis to tackle solo households. You can find her on Twitter

Patricia and Denise cover so much ground here that applies not just to childless people but to those who are creating online environments and apps as we discuss digital exclusion. They also discuss bias and exclusion around power of attorney, the cost of living crisis, human rights and make a call for more support and awareness. 

Resources to help you:

Age UK

Carers Trust

Centre for Better Ageing

Ageing Well Without Children

United Nations Ageing resources

National Institute of Ageing (USA)

Meaningful Ageing in Australia

Dr Robin Hadley’s resources

Full Stop guest, Ming Ho’s words on Dementia Carers Count.

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