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The Football Fun Factory Podcast - Episode 10 - Is the Football Coaching industry broken?

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Is the football industry is broken? It can't be, can it, we all love it, the top players and coaches are earning millions and millions of pounds, we've got more access than ever to watching the top games on a more or less daily basis. Surely the game has never been stronger! But when you look into the world of coaching is there realistically any chance of ever fulfilling your passion and working in the game full-time, with so few opportunities available how can you stand out from the crowd and get an opportunity unless you've got every qualification going but to do that's going to cost a pretty penny! And if you are one of the lucky ones that gets into a full-time role is it really sustainable with the hours and demands expected of you? Or is there plenty of opportunity out there for people to work in the game and it's just about being patient and when the opportunity comes up it will be all you ever dreamed it would be.

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