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Sam Dogen: Financial Samurai founder, personal finance blogger

Helping listeners achieve financial freedom sooner rather than later. Financial Samurai is America's number one personal finance blog and podcast helping you make more money, save more money, and live the life that you truly want.

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  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    A Roth IRA Conversion Is Probably A Waste Of Time And Money


    I've thought a lot about doing a Roth IRA conversion lately given it might go away in 2022 and beyond. But I've come to the conclusion that for most people, converting to a Roth IRA won't save you any taxes. Instead, contribute to a Roth IRA when you can and just keep your traditional IRA and other retirement vehicles. Here's the analysis. See post for more: A Roth IRA Conversion Is Probably A Waste Of Time And Money Opening A Roth IRA For Your Kids Is A No Brainer Living A Middle Class Lifestyle On $300,000 A Year
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    Public School Versus Private School: Why More Public Schools Will Rank Higher Over Time


    As a public school graduate and parent, the debate between public school versus private school is fascinating. I think for the vast majority of people, going to public school and handing your kid a $1 million check upon graduation is the way to go. Posts mentioned:  
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

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  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    The Best Time To Go To Work Is During A Pandemic


    Is the grass greener on the other side? Maybe! But it sure seems like work is awesome for knowledge workers during the pandemic. I discuss this topic with my wife. We'll talk about public school rankings later! Posts mentioned: Working During A Pandemic How To Convince Your Spouse To Work Longer So You Can Retire Earlier
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    The Investment Crossover Point Where Work No Longer Matters


    Are you feeling less and less motivated to work because your investment returns are surpassing your active income? Let's discuss the crossover point where spending any amount of time working no longer makes sense. I've talked to regular income-earning folks and folks making millions a year. The growing feeling of apathy towards work is the same! Post: When Investment Returns Are Greater Than Active Income
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    The Importance Of Always Thinking Ahead Even If People Think You're Crazy


    If you dare to publicly think ahead, you may be beaten over the head. However, it's important to always plan for the future and forecast how things might turn out if you want to build greater wealth and happiness.  Come up with a Blue Sky, Realistic, and Bear Case model. You won't be able to forecast all the events that will happen in the world. But if you plan ahead, you will be better prepared to capitalize. It's your life at stake. Posts mentioned: Proper Safe Withdrawal Rate To Get Rich, Practice Predicting The Future Strong Reasons To Hire A Financial Advisor
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    Why The U.S. Housing Market Could Go Up Another 30%+: Canada Comparison


    Although the U.S. housing market is very strong, there's a likelihood prices could go up even further if it gets as hot as the Canadian housing market.  International investors and a self-realization by Americans are the two X factors that could cause the U.S. housing market to jump by another 30% - 75%. Why should Canada have all the fun! Posts Mentioned U.S. Housing Market Upside If Compared To Canada U.S. Real Estate Market: One Of The Cheapest In The World
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    Why An Umbrella Policy Is A Must To Protect Your Assets


    Investors have gotten surprisingly much wealthier since the pandemic began. Therefore, it's important to protect your assets with an umbrella policy. If you haven't updated your umbrella policy in several years, you are likely underinsured for liability and lawsuits. See: Your Umbrella Policy Needs To Be Updated
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    The Ideal Time To Contribute To A Roth IRA


    The ideal time to contribute to a Roth IRA is when you're young and poor. In other words, if you're a student and in your 20s earning less than the maximum income limit, you should be contributing. However, if you're about the 22% federal marginal income tax rate, it's a push. Tax diversification in retirement is important!
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    What If You Buy A Home A The Top Of The Market?


    The housing market is hot, hot, hot! Even though I think with 80% certainly that the housing market will continue to go up every year for the next three years, there's still a 20% chance it could correct. Let me share what happens if you buy a home at the top of the market. If you decide to buy today, make sure you following my 30/30/3 home buying rule! Posts:  
  • The Financial Samurai Podcast podcast

    Two Retirement Philosophies To Determine Your Safe Withdrawal Rate


    The retirement philosophy you follow will determine whether you agree with the 4% rule or the Financial Samurai Safe Withdrawal Rate Rule. Posts mentioned: Two Retirement Philosophies To Think About The Proper Safe Withdrawal Rate

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