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When NOT to Take Action

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In this solo, Judi talks about a concept that she now knows, and regularly puts into practice, and that would have saved her a lot of pain and trouble if she’d only known it earlier in her career. You see, one of the biggest misconceptions amongst entrepreneurs and leaders is this idea that problems are always a bad thing. So, when they pop up, we spiral into a reactionary state of panic and self-doubt and make quick, uncalculated decisions that come around to bite us when the dust settles. Today Judi shares a better way to respond to problems. One that allows us to lean into them, instead of lazily reacting from a place of fear and control. 

Today on Yes, And:

  • What to do when problems first pop up
  • The difference between those who always have ideas and those who don’t
  • Diving into the stimulus -> awareness -> response formula

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