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We’ve all got passion and we’ve all got dreams but so many of us are lacking the inspiration and discipline it takes to bring our vision to life. In today’s episode, Judi hosts business strategist, entrepreneur, advisor and one of Fast Company’s top 100 creatives in business, Tina Wells. As her credentials suggest, Tina is someone who gets shit done and creates space for play along the way. Listen up, because Tina shares all her best tips and tricks to help you breathe life into your graveyard of dreams and start meeting your goals today.

Today on Yes, And:

  • How Tina became an entrepreneur at age 16
  • Making preparation a prerequisite to improvisation
  • Creating your “personal board of directors”
  • Recreation: the best stress releasor 
  • Tina’s two principles of instant elevation
  • The P’s of marketing

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