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Leading with BaZi baby featuring Jen Stone

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In this episode, we're rolling out the red carpet for none other than Jen Stone—a certified BaZi reader, healer, and feng shui master, believe it or not! With Jen's expertise, our very own Judi has harnessed the power of BaZi, which has profoundly reshaped her self-understanding and provided her a nifty edge in life and business. Brace yourself as Jen spills the beans on how she uses BaZi to coach her clients on when to go full-throttle, when to hit the brakes, and how to make incredibly aligned, sharp, and well-thought-out decisions.

Today on Yes, And:

  • Demystifying BaZi: what it is and what it's not
  • Unraveling the intricate dance between destiny, will, and timing
  • Leveraging BaZi as your secret weapon
  • Navigating a 'clash day' on your calendar: your plan of action

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