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How To Turn Into Pure Gold with House of Nectar Part 1

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In this exciting two-part series opener, Judi brings the dynamic duo Lisa and Sage from The House of Nectar into the spotlight where they uncover the secrets of building unforgettable brands. At the heart of their discussion? Trust, the foundational element of enduring brands. Journey with them as they navigate the nuances of sharpening your vision and identifying the true driving force behind your entrepreneurial endeavors. Tune in for an exhilarating discussion that unravels the heart and soul of brand building!

Today on Yes, And:

  • The crucial role of trust in brand building
  • Discovering the true "Captain" of one's entrepreneurial journey
  • Judi's transformational experiences through The House of Nectar principles
  • Channeling focus and harnessing peak energy in business
  • Crafting a brand-karmic circle for lasting resonance

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