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How to get PR and PITCH like a PRO with Nicole Myden

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Today on the show, Judi chats all things PR with publicity strategist, author, and fellow Arizonan, Nicole Myden. With over 20 years of connecting important people and companies with brands Nicole knows that most of us are missing opportunities, every single day, to shine a light on our magic. In this episode, we hear about how practicing confidence has helped Nicole and her clients to become magical magnets for opportunities and how to scale PR to become the star of your local market.

Today on Yes, And:

  • The internship that changed Nicole’s life
  • Debunking myths about confidence 
  • How to go about jumpstarting your life in a new area 
  • The importance of taking advantage of your local market 
  • Why you need a media kit and what to put in it

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