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Don't Write a Keynote That Sucks

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Today on Yes, And, Judi shares the tools and techniques, from inception to delivery, that have helped her become the keynote-writing machine we all know and love. She explains what your keynote needs—and what it doesn’t—for it to really inspire people to make real, lasting change in their lives. By using Tamsen Webster’s 5 part technique as a checklist for your process, and making sure your own voice, not someone else’s, you’ll soon know how to find the throughline that connects your main idea to the hearts and minds of your audience.

Today on Yes, And:

  • Learning what a ‘yes’ feels like—and how to protect it
  • Why you need to stop squeezing yourself into a box
  • “Jedi Judi”: tapping into inspiration from source
  • The 5-part algorithm to help you find your ‘red thread’

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