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Breathwork: A Bomb A$$ Experience with Regina Lawrence

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Today on the show, Judi delves into the world of breathwork with Regina Lawrence, a former trial attorney and law school professor who transitioned into a soulful business consultant and breathwork practitioner. Regina entered Judi's life after two members of Judi's marketing team recommended a session with her. Little did Judi realize, this introduction would be the solution to her panic attacks and spark a profound transformation in her life. Join us as Regina shares her personal journey with breathwork and how she employs it to guide others towards embracing their authentic selves.

Today on Yes, And:

  • Demystifying breathwork: What is it and its profound benefits?
  • Balancing the light and shadow sides of control
  • Why sitting with yourself is a prerequisite to originality
  • Tapping into source energy via breathwork
  • Regina guides Judi through a breathwork routine

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