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The Enduro World Series Podcast

Enduro World Series

Join Ric McLaughlin and Ruaridh Cunningham from the Enduro World Series as they talk racing, riders and tech from inside the world's most-exciting mountain bike race series!

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  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 25: the one in the brewery... PLUS we look ahead to a solid month of racing, disruptors and attempt to establish just what makes France so special.


    It's happened. It's finally happened... someone has let us record the podcast in a brewery! This week, Ruaridh and Ric report in from Tempest Brewing Co. where the team are hard at work producing something special for the Vittoria EWS-E/EWS Tweed Valley.  An exciting block of racing lies ahead with six races taking place in just three weeks including the return of EWS-E and two brand-new venues! With the van (nearly) packed, the EWS team are off to France for the Michelin EWS Loudenvielle. We haven't raced in France since EWS Montagnes du Caroux back in 2019 and with French riders dominating the top-20's it feels like one of the most hotly-anticipated races in a long time. To add some spice to the mix, the boys take a look at the newly-crowned French national champions and how that changes things.  Also, who are we backing to be the big disruptors this season and where/how will they do it?! And seagulls. And beer.  A video version of this podcast will be available in a couple of days. For those who missed the video version of Episode 24, CHECK IT OUT HERE. 
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 24: The Road to Tweed Valley and Ruaridh's alternative barista career


    With the white hot heat of battle set to rejoin in just a couple of weeks time, Ruaridh Cunningham and Ric McLaughlin look ahead to the Vittoria EWS-E Tweed Valley and how the former is getting on with designing his first race course.  What do the pro's look for in a race course? How tough should e-bike liaisons be and for the first time in its history the podcast gets interrupted by a man wanting to buy a coffee! To be fair, that is because we moved to our new home-from-home at No1 Peebles Road coffee shop. A heartfelt thanks to Craig and the team for taking us in and allowing us to talk nonsense for a prolonged period of time in their premises.    For the first time, this podcast is also available in video over on the Enduro World Series YouTube channel. 
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

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  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 23: The most unusual racers to ever take on the EWS


    One of our favourite things about enduro racing is that pretty much any mountain biker can have a crack at it. But, as we all know, there is no such thing as 'the average mountain biker' and with that in mind, Ric has been down the enduro library (we're fairly certain that no such place exists) to compile a list of unlikely racers to have strapped on some transponders and hurled themselves at the stages. What do we mean by 'unlikely'? We have a Hollywood A-lister, several Olympians, an F1 ace, some big mountain snow stars and an extremely well-qualified motocross racer to hint at just a few.  Also in this episode: some big news about our first video podcast, rubber dinghies and Ruaridh's (rumoured) male modelling. 
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 22: Enduro racers go big at Red Bull Hardline, beige chinos and your questions answered!


    We may well be between two epic blocks of Enduro World Series racing but there's still plenty going on! EWS regulars have been in action at Red Bull Hardline, the world's most extreme DH race. It just so happens that Ruaridh has won that race so he was more than up for providing an insight into what success in North Wales demands.  We discuss the latest developments with our Race Labs Pro Race Plate, hop around the planet for an EWS Gold Qualifier round-up and announce some new limited edition merch now available in our webstore.  And on top of all this... we answer YOUR questions! Or at least, do our best to answer your questions anyway...  To volunteer and get closer to the action than anyone else at Vittoria EWS Tweed Valley CLICK HERE.
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 21: THE RETURN! The boys are back from Italy - Pro Women's fireworks, Richie vs. Jack and does muscle really weigh more than mozzarella?!


    To use the parlance of our times, it's been a minute! Ruaridh and Ric have returned from nearly a month on the road with the opening four rounds of the Enduro World Series 2021 now in the history books.  There's been a lot to talk about too... the Pro Women's championship has (as we predicted) really caught fire with no fewer than three different winners plus heartbreak for a certain Canadian. The Pro Stage cometh! What difference did a single stage of racing with championship points up for grabs the evening before the full course make? There was also the (already) epic saga of Richie Rude vs. Jack Moir, what was eating Sam Hill and GOOD FRIENDS OF THE PODCAST Charlie Murray and Zak Johansen's debut podiums!  Also discussed: the Santa Cruz Megatower, church pews, collapsing roofs, Rain Man and cheese.  For all our regular listeners, apologies for the lack of episodes during the last few weeks. The double rounds were hectic and with so much time spent visiting local pharmacies to get tested and travelling we never got a chance to sit down and record a podcast. Hopefully we can back into our regular weekly routine now.  For all the video action from the first four rounds of the season, check out GMBN.  Keep up to date with all the latest action and news from the Enduro World Series here.
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 20: Meet the all-new 2022 EWS and EWSE calendar! Plus Santa Cruz have a new bike, Wyn Masters Privateer Of The Week fund and some cold horses


    It's Ruaridh and Ric's last podcast from Scotland as they get ready to hit the road and head out to MET EWS Val di Fassa Trentino next week, but there's still much to discuss! First up it's a flotilla of new machinery headed up by Santa Cruz's new Bronson and a mountain bike that may need an air intake. Last week the Enduro World Series announced the all-new, bigger than ever 2022 race calendar so the boys take a wander through it picking out some of the most exciting parts. For more information on the 2022 calendar check out: For more about Wyn Masters' Privateer Of The Week, visit: Also in this podcast: Ruaridh's slippers, Nigel Page's slopestyle career, an F1 car in LA and a cold horse. Next week: ITALY!
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 19: Bex Baraona goes on a winning streak!


    The UK's Bex Baraona is officially on a winning streak taking pre-season victories (by big margins) both in home soil and in Italy. We talk to Bex before she gets ready to hit the road taking her run of form to the opening round at MET EWS Val di Fassa in a couple of weeks. Is she set to be a title contender in 2021?! And in other news, Greg Callaghan and Kelan Grant hit the road, Ruaridh has a haircut and Ric contemplates a bike build!
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 18: Zakarias Johansen talks re-signing with Ibis Cycles Enduro Team, the Ripmo V2, Scandinavian winters and his first race of the year!


    Zakarias Johansen is one of the most chilled out pro's in the Enduro World Series pits and has the speed and style between the tapes to back it up. He joins us this week to talk about starting life as a Norwegian downhiller before he was briefly coached by Ruaridh which was enough to turn him into a Swedish enduro racer!  Zak re-joined his first pro team, Ibis Cycles Enduro Team, this off-season and has just returned from his first race of the season where he finished second in Finale Ligure. He made waves as part of Team Sweden at the Bluegrass Trophy of Nations back in 2019 and has some really interesting views about race bikes, surviving the Scandinavian winter, suspension and snowmobiles! 
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 17: One win wonders! The boys work through the riders who have taken a single EWS win, so far...


    To stand on the top step of an Enduro World Series podium confirms that you are one of the very best mountain bike racers on earth. When looked at as a group of people who have managed it, there is a fascinating collection of riders who have managed it 'only' once. Some are now retired, others are still in the pro ranks and may yet have more victories in them. In this episode, Ruaridh Cunningham and Ric McLaughlin dive into the details and stories behind those wins and try and work out what they mean for the incoming 2021 season. 
  • The Enduro World Series Podcast podcast

    Episode 16: What went on at team camp?! Chain Reaction Cycles, problems with shoulders and looking ahead to some Epic Hope PMBA action


    Team camps can be tricky things - melting pots of egos, injuries and new equipment. The last thing anyone needs is two podcasters turning up to ask inane questions... With that in mind, Ruaridh and Ric went for a behind-the-scenes look at the Chain Reaction Cycles team's annual set-up straightener.  They also look ahead to a pro-packed first big UK enduro - the Epic Hope PMBA Enduro (which carries EWS Qualifier status) at the end of the month. Anticipation builds ahead of New Van (better title pending) arriving, Ruaridh opens up about opening up shoulders, Ric retells one of his more spectacular racing disasters and the sporting career of Take That's Mark Owen comes up for debate.  Donate to the BASE MTB HnD Yr2 Tweed Valley Everest challenge, here:

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