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Episode 95: Digging Up The Past

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LIVE Wednesdays at 6 pm PDT at Join our group of 5 players as they embark on an adventure of mystery, combat, and magic on The Dungeon Run. Don't miss! Unofficial Fan Content permitted under WOTC Fan Content Policy and is not approved/endorsed by WOTC. D&D is property of WOTC. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

    The Dungeon Run - Episode 99: A Murder of Crows


    Joining forces with the Chief Regent and the students of Nightstone, the Heroes of Bingle are set for a massive conflict with the invading demon hordes. But as crows continue to gather around the battlefield, do they herald something much, much worse on the horizon?
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

    Episode 98: Both Ends Burning


    Trapped and running out of time, the Heroes of Bingle desperately search for allies against the demon assault. But as the attack on Terlis continues, it soon becomes clear that the demons are looking for something specific...
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

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  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

    Episode 96: Reasonable Doubt


    Walking straight into the stronghold of the Chief Regent, the Heroes of Bingle put everything on the line in an attempt to clear their names and save the city of Terlis. But when magic itself is illegal, the odds against them might be impossible to overcome.
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

    Episode 94: Withdrawals


    Wounded from their battle with a demon horde, the HOB must evade capture by the city guards for breaking the Moratorium on Magic. Can they save their friends and find the treasure in Whitebeard's Vault? Is the City of Terlis beyond saving? So many mysteries, so little time!
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

    Episode 93: Return to Terlis


    Leaving Thorn behind, the party arrives in Terlis to find the city in distress. While their friends at Nightstone Abbey try to help the HOB unravel some mysteries of the Old Ones and Wardens, chaos erupts at the North Wall...  
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

    Episode 92: The Seeds of Sacrifice


    In the wake of Brakka's trial, the Heroes of Bingle have doubts about leaving Thorn unprotected and vulnerable. But Uggo's solution could mean giving up more than his friends are comfortable with. Meanwhile, Diph Theed's desire to join the Drow presents a difficult conundrum.
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

    Episode 91: Judgment


    The Heroes of Bingle are tormented by a few loose ends before their journey takes them away from the Orc city of Thorn. James is haunted by the obelisk deep below the city while Fahima seeks to understand what Diph Theed is looking for. Meanwhile, Uggo prepares for the trial of his murderous brother Brakka and the entire city wonders what will happen next.
  • The Dungeon Run Podcast podcast

    TDR Presents - The Festival of Sapphire Lights: Part 2!


    Sisi, Layla, Keylee, Elodie and Otten piece together the strange clues of occurred in the aftermath of the festival massacre. A strange new ethereal force appears and has her own plans for the rare starlight sapphire gem. Rumors spread of a slumbering doom that threatens the very core of the city. Will the adventurers discover the plot in time to stop it? Or will the city be drowned in lakes of poisoned blood...?

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