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Organic vs Non-Organic Vegetables: Are They Worth The Hype?

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Are organic vegetables actually more expensive than non-organic? And what’s the real health cost of trying to save a few dollars on your grocery bill? 


The exposure to chemicals in agriculture goes way beyond just us - it’s a vicious cycle of damage to the environment that we CAN stop with some at-home practices. 


Join me in this latest solo episode as I explore the debate between organic vs non-organic vegetables, including the health benefits and economic considerations of choosing organically grown produce. I address the common misconception that organic food, which often adheres to practices like permaculture and regenerative agriculture, is more expensive by highlighting the nutritional advantages and the absence of harmful chemicals. 


I also address the growing concern over the use of harmful chemicals like glyphosate in conventional farming and how you can reduce your exposure to these chemicals and make healthier more sustainable choices in your own kitchen. 


In this episode, I dive into…


(00:00) Organic vs non-organic food debate 

(14:47) The truth about chemical exposure in organic agriculture Chemical Exposure in Organic Agriculture 

(17:05) The wide reaching benefits of regenerative agriculture 

(24:26) At home practices to reduce chemical exposure and grow your own food


…and more!


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