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Josh Macin: Save Your Own Life With Detox, Overcome Modern Toxicity + Live Authentically

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Detoxing isn't just about flushing toxins - it's a journey of liberation. By purging the body of harmful substances, you're unburdening your mind from the shackles of trauma, anxiety and depression. 


Committing for the long-haul unlocks more than just physical health - it allows you to become deeply connected to your instincts and inner voice in a way you’ve never experienced. 


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Josh Macin as he shares his harrowing journey through severe mental health struggles, the conventional pharmaceutical treatments that failed him, and his ultimate quest for healing in the Amazon with ayahuasca and other alternative therapies. We discuss  the significance of a gut healing protocol, reclaiming your health through intense detoxification methods, and the alarming decline in men's testosterone levels.


Josh shares his insights into living in integrity and establishing boundaries to avoid external influences, and we provide practical advice for listeners on becoming more self-aware of their health in relation to environmental factors like parasites, heavy metals, and glyphosate exposure. 


Josh Macin is a former Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion, battled crippling anxiety and panic attacks for years after 2013. When conventional treatments failed, he experimented with powerful hallucinogens and alternative therapies worldwide in search of relief. Ultimately, heavy metal poisoning was discovered, leading him to detoxification. Now cured, he founded to help others overcome toxicity.


What we discuss…


(00:00) Personal struggles with finding mental health treatment 

(11:43) Healing heavy metal toxicity with detoxification 

(15:39) The importance of healing the gut before chelation 

(21:44) Toxins, detoxification and society’s health crisis

(31:53) Finding strength and optimism in adversity

(35:39) Exploring non-judgment, sharing your truth, and living in integrity 

(40:01) Working on defining yourself and finding your true identity 

(59:49) Guidance on natural healing methods and detoxification

(01:08:28) The need to set boundaries in relationships


…and more!


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