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Hagen Theirs: A Simple Guide to Reducing EMFs at Home

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Invisible danger lurks in your home! Everyday devices like phones, microwaves, and Wi-Fi emit EMFs that could be harming you. With more of us working FROM home creating a low-EMF haven is essential.


Today I’m joined by Hagen Theirs, who shares his journey about building a radiation-free home in the German forest with his family,  the challenges of electrosensitivity (a condition where common EMFs cause health issues), his concerns about mobile phone radiation and its impact on health, and much more. 


We discuss biohacking secrets to turn your home into a low-radiation haven, how telecommunication companies are manipulating & hiding the real research, and what you can do to reclaim your health & maintain a low-EMF lifestyle.


Hagen Theirs is the inventor of Qi-Technology, which is a solution to protect against electromagnetic radiation. He embarked on a mission to create a solution for this problem in 2008 and founded Qi-Technologies in 2014. The company has since become the world market leader for radiation protection devices and has sold products to 40 countries worldwide.



What we discuss:

(0:00:03) - Radiation protection and living EMF-free, natural vs. technical radiation, the influence of funding on research outcomes, personal experiences with nature and shielding, and setting up an EMF-free smart home


(0:13:04) - Addressing the issue of non-ionizing radiation and its health effects, how everyday technology creates electromagnetic fields that may lead to health issues, and the importance of creating low-radiation environments


(0:21:38) - Electrosensitivity and strategies for creating a 'clean living' space, such as a radiation-free smart home with shielded wiring and ethernet connections


(0:38:53) - Practical steps to mitigate EMF impact, electro-sensitivity, and historical shifts in instinct and natural behavior, and the public's normalization of physical symptoms from cell phone use and the discrepancies between safety data and real-world exposures


(0:45:01) - The mobile phone industry and potential long-term health effects of technologies and the conflicts of interest within regulatory bodies

(0:52:28) - The slow justice system and the power of personal responsibility in mitigating risks, practical tips on reducing stress and improving health, and the importance of adopting mitigation technologies to safeguard against electromagnetic sensitivity



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