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Graham Hill: Live Happier with Less, A Guide To Sustainability and Green Living

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Understanding how our daily moves impact the environment - that's where the real power lies. From the products we bring into our lives to how we choose to get around, every single choice we make has a direct effect on our planet.


Dialing in to make more conscious decisions, whether that's cutting way back on waste, conserving precious energy, or actively supporting eco-revolutionaries making positive waves - that's how we each unleash our power to contribute to environmental health in a major way.


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Graham Hill as he shares insights and expertise on environmental sustainability. From his experiences founding Treehugger to his current role as CEO of LifeEdited, Graham offers valuable lessons on how we can make a meaningful impact through simple yet impactful actions toward a greener and more sustainable future.


The big issues can feel heavy, no doubt about it. But we can flip the script by first mastering the controllables right where we're planted - upgrading our habits and routines at home base.


Graham is an entrepreneur and advocate for sustainable living and conscious consumerism. He founded Treehugger, a platform teaching simple ways to care for the environment. As CEO of LifeEdited, he designs space-efficient buildings, products, and lifestyles that use fewer resources. Graham's ventures range from an early web browser to a ceramic take on the iconic New York coffee cup. His TED talks on weekday vegetarianism and prioritizing "less stuff, more happiness" showcase his mission to inspire positive change.


What we discuss…


(02:02) What inspired Graham to build Treehugger

(06:43) Polarization: Why it’s a big challenge and how to overcome it

(08:47) The most powerful choice you can make for yourself and the environment

(18:15) The biggest mistake people make trying to live sustainably 

(25:02) Why carbon measuring is critical in environmental sustainability

(32:42) Investing in environmental sustainability

(35:23) Activities that you can do to participate in carbon offsetting

(40:48) How to reduce organic waste to save money and the environment

(52:17) Electric vehicles innovations and the chemistry involved in carbonization

(01:02:16) Sustainability growth and ways to get involved at home and work

(01:09:10) What Graham is excited about and innovating in sustainability

(01:12:47) Awareness vs. action in climate change

(01:15:19) Graham’s advice on compounding and long-term thinking


…and more!


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