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Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos: Anti-Aging Expert Reveals The Secrets To Engineering Longevity

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Are you showing up as the co-creator of your own longevity? 


After all, most religions and indigenous cultures around the world have anti-aging practices as part of their daily life. And while we’re blessed with access to a wonder of medical interventions, we’re doing ourselves a disservice by outsourcing it to Drs and Gurus. 


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos as we discuss the importance of recognizing and addressing the cumulative impact of environmental toxins, the potential of emerging technologies in health optimization, and the power of lifestyle changes in altering our health destiny. His innovative approach, combining medical knowledge with engineering principles, paves the way for a future where health maintenance and optimization are not just possible but accessible to all.


Alexander Paziotopoulos, MD, FAARFM is CEO and Lead Physician at The Pazio Institute. As a specialist in age reversal medicine and pioneer of the implementation on "Medical Maintenance Engineering", Dr. Paziotopoulos incorporates a variety of disciplines and solutions-based approach into his practice to ensure individuals, especially those over 40, enjoy a long and vibrant life. He values building the long-term relationships necessary to co-create a roadmap for longevity and optimal health.  


What we discuss…


(00:04) - Optimizing your health through detox and longevity practices that actually work 

(13:48) - The transformative impact of daily routines like mindfulness and hydration on detoxification

(24:20) - Benefits of neurofeedback to enhance cognitive function and mental health without advanced medical interventions

(31:35) - Practical approaches to reduce exposure and detoxify from toxins like mercury, lead, and BPA

(40:52) - How epigenetics influence health, highlighting the potential of personalized medicine

(55:46) - Issues with the healthcare industry's profit focus over patient health (& what needs to be done)

(01:08:57) - AI's role in improving diagnostics and treatments

(01:14:00) - Optimizing aging through exercise and data


…and more!


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