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Break Free From The Opinions Of Others & Live A Life Of Purpose | Dr Michael Gervais

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Are you struggling to find your life’s purpose? We can get stuck looking for it in our work, our jobs, or other people, only to come up empty-handed. If you’re frustrated that you don’t seem to be doing as well as your peers (...or complete strangers on the internet). Know that you’re not alone and that there is a way out. 


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Dr. Michael Gervais, a high-performance psychologist, author of “The First Rule of Mastery: Stop Worrying About What People Think of You," and world-renowned expert on the relationship between high performance and the mind. Together, we unravel the complexities around finding and honoring your life’s purpose. We explore the tangled web between personal battles, the pursuit of genuine self-expression, and finding freedom in the present moment. 


In this episode, we dive into…


(12:19) Breaking free from the opinions of others: how to unpack and overcome the deep-seated fear of judgment to unleash your true potential.

(27:57) How trials and adversity are key to a purposeful life: and the critical role of a strong 'why' in maintaining motivation

(32:10) Pursuing the mastery of self: learn from the world of high-caliber athletes to define the difference between purpose and performance

(39:28) The power in finding your purpose: and how to move from a performance-based life to a purpose-driven existence

(55:25) Overcoming your personal fears: learn how aligning personal purpose with a company mission can revolutionize a workplace and personal growth

(01:00:24) Navigating performance and purpose in your most intimate relationships: a discussion on showing up authentically and the dangers of suppressing your true self

(01:13:01) Finding personal freedom and living in the present: a call to embrace mindfulness, address global deficiencies, and practice ways to strengthen your inner awareness.


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