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Aggie Lal: Healing Your Hormones, Syncing with Your Cycle, and Biohacking Like a Woman

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Women have just been treated as slightly less hairy men when it comes to health and wellness. 


With multitudes of studies being done on everything from fat loss, fasting, and nutrition - without a single menstruating woman included in the study. 


Health and wellness isn’t one size fits all. Males are solar with 24 hour hormonal cycles, while females are lunar with a 28 day hormonal cycle that is deeply connected to the moon. So our approaches to health need to be completely different. 


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Aggie Lal as we discuss the damage being done to women as we live in a world that’s less and less attuned to their natural cycles, she shares the challenges of feeling safe as a female traveler, and the true health impacts of suppressing emotions for the sake of keeping others happy. 


Aggie Lal is a best-selling author of ‘Biohack Like a Woman’, certified nutrition and health coach, host of the top rated podcast ‘Biohacking Bestie’, and TEDx speaker on a mission to revolutionize the world of biohacking for women. 


What we discuss…


(00:00) - Travel & the misconceptions we hold about happiness and quality of life in different countries

(08:52) - the contrasting experiences of safety between men and women & the need for safety and honesty in partnerships

(15:33) - Navigating relationships and how unprocessed emotions can have a more significant impact on health than diet alone

(27:52) - The impact of the modern world on female health 

(45:35) - Societal pressures & the importance of true self-care 

(59:33) - The transformative power of weightlifting for all round female health 

(01:09:43) - Listening to your gut & living in alignment with your nature


…and more!


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