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Dylan MR Davis and Lucas Fisher, the #1 & #3 Cusack Cute boys, go through acclaimed actor John Cusack's entire filmography, one film at a time.

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  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    Martian Child (2007)


    Sometimes a film takes you to places where you never thought you’d end up. The outer reaches of galaxies, strange lands, relationships you never thought possible. Or sometimes they push you and your best friends into a mad spiral where you don’t know what is real and what is fake. Martian Child did that for us. We had Tyler and Adam come on for this one to help us unpack this beast.
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    1408 (2007)


    We're joined by dear friend and Hollywood Elite James Trevor to talk about the surprisingly wonderful 1408. We get James' take on the Ronto Wrap, YouTubers, and other horror movies you should check out this holiday season. Follow James: Twitch: Buy his shirt:  
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

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  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    Grace Is Gone (2007)


    We are now officially a Resident Evil podcast. Each week we are going to take a look at a different aspect of the Resident Evil franchise, the lore, the remakes, and things might even get a little controversial (Lucas likes RE7, Dylan likes RE4). Will cooler heads prevail? Tune in to find out ;)   
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    The Contract (2006)


    We've reached the point in our journey where we are questioning why we began in the first place. If we are Sisyphus, when will we experience the ecstasy of the boulder rolling back down to where we started from? Only to joyously start the slog again? I'm looking forward to that day. But until then we watched probably the worst movie we've ever seen doing this podcast. 2006's The Contract. Good lord. 
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    The Ice Harvest (2005)


    This week we watched 2005's The Ice Harvest, a well casted Cohen Brothers clone. One of us enjoyed it, one of us did not. Place your bets now on who is who. We also get into celebrity as currency, rating systems, and Lil Bow Wow.
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    Must Love Dogs (2005)


    A divisive move from the Cusack Cute Boys. 2005's Must Love Dogs is a fairly standard Rom-Com of that era, but as you would expect this leads to larger conversations about media influence and how movies reflect our culture. I'm sure there's other stuff I just can't remember.
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    Runaway Jury (2003)


    If you love trivia than this episode is for you. Otherwise take in the "riveting" thriller from 2003 Runaway Jury. A glorified episode of Law and Order based on a John Grisham novel. We watched it, we talked about it, we did our job.
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    The Jack Bull (1999)


    No, you read that right. 1999. Listen, we've prided ourselves in the past on how through we are when it comes to this podcast. We watch every movie in order. But hey, sometimes you miss a TV movie. We're sorry.  Carelessness aside, I think we were both pleasantly surprised with 1999's The Jack Bull. A movie written by John Cusack's dad, Dick Cusack. Some great character actors, beautiful scenery, and a pretty engaging story made this a fun movie to watch.
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    Identity (2003)


    Identity, we all have one. But some of us. . . .don't. Some of us have more than one. Ya ever think about that? Scary. This episode we talk aging, the artistic process, and the residents. We also talk about 2003's Identity. It's a movie alright. Intro Song: Vines-2 by Lucas Fisher Outro Song: Cleopatra by Sports Goblin Listen to Dylan's album Sickle: Listen to Lucas' album Nothing Is Worth Remembering: Check out Noah's Shirts:  
  • The Cusack Cult Cast podcast

    Adaptation (2002)


    We recorded two episodes in one day, we're a serious podcast now. Starting off this double feature is 2002's Adaptation. A surprisingly divisive movie for the Cusack Cuties. Listen to hear our thoughts.

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