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The Crown of Command Podcast


A podcast dedicated to the games produced by Games Workshop during the 1990’s

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  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    BOYL 2021 with Garth James


    Special guest and organiser of the Bring out your lead event since its inception was kind enough to come onto the podcast to share his origins into the miniature war-games hobby from 3rd edition fantasy, and to also gives us an insight into how the Bring out your Lead event cam to be. Please visit these links that Garth mentioned in the interview. If you would like to help support the podcast then please consider becoming a Patron or by making a small donation to Ko-fi: Thank you for listening and helping our community grow. Josh 
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    Oldhammer Poland 2021


    Mateusz and Marcel from Poland join me to talk about the recent Oldhammer event. If you would prefer to watch these interviews on YouTube then please head over to my channel to view them there: Thanks for listening.
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

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  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    Mariano Sanchez Wood Elf Army for OWAC Interview


    I got the pleasure to speak to Mariano from Spain about his origins into the hobby and also about his collection of beautifully painted Wood Elves he did for the Old Wold Army Challenge. To see Mariano's army in all its splendour, please head over to the YouTube channel to watch the full interview.
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    Confrontation Orc Lore with Eric


    Again we deep dive into how the Orcs fit into the world of Arrklash. And we touch on a few news topics at the end of the show. Be sure to head over and see the video recordings on Youtube @
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    Drune Lore With Eric Harlaux


    Eric joins me again to discuss what little is known about the mysterious Drune Kelt tribes in Arrklash. We also go over the news that has been released over the past couple of weeks. Here are the links to some of the featured news content: The bumper audio is from: And please check out Owen Staton's podcast for more amazing Welsh stories and folklore:
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    The World of Aarklash: The Dirz


    Eric Harlaux joins me to talk all about the Dirz lore and background in the world of Arrklash so I hope this creates a picture in your mind of the faction and why Eric finds them more an interesting faction to study about and play. If you have the chance to thank Eric for his time to share his knowledge about the world and its factions then please do so next time you find him online as I am sure he will appreciate that. If you wanted to listen to more of Owen Staton's story telling, please visit his podcast @ Opening and closing soundtrack by:
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    The World of Aarklash with Eric Harlaux


    The game Confrontation from a French miniature and game company, Rackham, produced some of the most incredible metal toy soldiers the industry have ever witnessed. And the team of artists behind the company have gone on to influence the table top game industry even to this day. So please allow me in to indulge in this new series of podcast that either feature new interviews from players talking about their origin stories, or from the people behind the new projects inspired by the former game IP, or even a former employee at the company.  If your unaware what Confrontation is please then the following series of shows with Eric and other guests will start to shape the world of Aarklash and set the scene of a very colourful fantasy universe that still has a strong and loyal fan base after all these years. So I hope you enjoy the following content guys and send me feedback on your memories or experiences with the world of Confrontation.
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    Thorgrim's Grudgbearer's Tale By Bill King


    Owen Staton joins me to look over the wonder that is the Dwarf Armies book for 4th edition and how this book written by the legend fiction writer Bill King, Bill's stories went on to shape the Warhammer World for decades to follow. The theme music used this episode is from the following link: If you would like to hear more of Owen's great tales then please check out hi new podcast: Thank you for listening and your support.
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    Herohammer Fanzine with Angel S.G.


    We finally get to hear from the genius man from Spain, Angel, to talk about the latest fanzine and how Angel got into the hobby. So if you really appreciate all those glossy pages with amazing art and design please be sure to thank Angel next time you see him or email him. If you want to get in touch with Angel with a contribution to the fanzine please email him with your ideas or art etc. above. Thank you for your continued support everyone and please take care out there.
  • The Crown of Command Podcast podcast

    Gunnersbury Lane, London 1994/95


    We step back in time to talk about our experiences of visiting the U.K with friends Marcus and Brad and our journeys living in London. If you wanted to see the video version of this interview please visit the YouTube channel: If you would like to contact me then please send me an email at: 

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