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How many climate tech unicorns are there?

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In this newsletter-turned-podcast episode from Entrepreneurs for Impact, I cover the following:

Climate Startups & Investment

  1. 🦄 How many climate tech unicorns are there?
  2. 🙋‍♂️ How do I transition to a job in climate tech?
  3. 🏎️ The lies about electric vehicles
  4. 💥 2.8 billion reasons that fusion should matter to you.
  5. 🚫 This is why $4,000,000,000 at two firms is not enough.
  6. 🍺 If you stop drinking in 2050, does it matter? [climate goals]

Better Habits & Deep Work

  1. 😲 Choose pronoia over paranoia
  2. ⛅ A free therapy lesson from Stutz
  3. 📊 What’s your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ)? [Take this test]
  4. 🤔 “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”


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Entrepreneurs for Impact is on a mission to help climate innovators grow faster with new investment capital, share best practices among peers, expand their networks, and reach their full potential.

Here's our weekly newsletter — A 3-minute summary of climate tech startups, better habits, and deep work trends: https://entrepreneursforimpact.substack.com

Our main program is a Climate CEO Mastermind peer group community: https://entrepreneursforimpact.com

Our invite-only cohorts of 12 executives catalyze personal development and business growth via monthly meetings, annual retreats, and 1:1 coaching and strategy calls. Today’s highly curated Mastermind members represent over $8B in market cap or assets under management.

Programs are led by Dr. Chris Wedding — 4x founder, $1B of investment experience, and Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill professor, with 70,000+ professional students taught, 25 years of meditation, an obsession with constant improvement, and far too many mistakes to keep to himself.

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