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#168: Zach Jones, CEO of C-Zero — $500M plants. Investors such as Breakthrough Energy Ventures, SK Gas, and Engie. Decarbonizing Natural Gas. 45V Incentives. Skeptical Optimism.

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My guest today is Zach Jones, cofounder and CEO of C-Zero.

C-Zero converts natural gas into hydrogen and solid carbon. The hydrogen provides clean, low-cost energy on demand, while the carbon can be permanently sequestered. Investors include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, SK Gas, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Engie.

Zach is biomedical engineer-turned-CEO with experience at The Economist, Beryllium Capital, EconoMEDics, and East Meets West Foundation.



C-Zero – https://www.czero.energy/ Zach Jones – https://www.linkedin.com/in/zachjones06/



Why natural gas is thermodynamically clean given its high hydrogen content. Why big energy companies are motivated investors in his venture, where a scaled up plant could cost $500M. The power of extreme focus. The top three things a CEO must do well. How to think about upstream methane emissions. How to crack natural gas without electricity. The need to be a skeptical optimist. Impacts of the federal 45V incentive.

And lots more!



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