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#167: Matt Ellis, CEO at Measurabl — ESG Software for Real Estate. $170M+ Raised. $2T of Value. 17B Square Feet. Selling Data. FTSE Partnership. Transparency Matters.

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My guest today is Matt Ellis, CEO of Measurabl.

Measurabl is the ESG platform built for real estate to measure, manage, disclose, and act on ESG data. Their 200+ employees serve clients representing 17 billion square feet of real estate and $2T of value in 93 countries.

Matt is the former Director of Sustainability Solutions at CBRE, a Fortune 500 company and global leader in commercial real estate services and investments with around 3 billion square feet under management. His new book is: From Green to ESG: How Data-Driven Transparency Changed Real Estate for Good.



Measurabl – https://www.measurabl.com

Matt – https://www.linkedin.com/in/measurabl

Matt’s book, Green to ESG – https://www.amazon.com/Green-ESG-Data-Driven-Transparency-Changed/dp/B09TZ9BSCN



Why his private equity, asset manager, and REIT customers use his software. How he prices his products. His data partnership with the FTSE index, which is moving billions of dollars into green real estate. The pains of customer price discovery. Why self advocacy matters. How he balances strategic and VC investors. Future consolidation in this industry.

And lots more!



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