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#166: Aaron Luque, CEO at EnviroSpark — EV Charger Installation and Financing, 130+ Team Members, Bias for Action, Business Idea Generation via Round-the-World Travel, Moral Responsibility

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My guest today is Aaron Luque, Cofounder and CEO at EnviroSpark.

EnviroSpark is a leading installer of EV charging stations and delivers a fully customizable solution at little to no cost for property owners. With a team of over 130 people and thousands of stations installed, they are on a mission to raise awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles 

Aaron is a serial environmental entrepreneur, based in Atlanta, Georgia, who conceived of the idea for EnviroSpark during a round-the-world travel adventure to 20 countries with his wife and business partner.



Aaron - https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronluque

EnviroSpark - https://envirosparkenergy.com



The magic of financing EV charging installations to make it easier for real estate owners to say yes. How he scaled the company from a $5,000 investment to a multi-million dollar company before taking outside investment. The need to have a bias for action. Concentration risk of working too much with big customers. The moral responsibility and enormous economic opportunity of transportation electrification.

And lots more!



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