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#165: Jason Aramburu⁠, CEO of ⁠Climate Robotics⁠⁠ — Biochar Meets Artificial Intelligence, 30,000 Peer-Reviewed Studies, Gates Foundation History, Carbon Removal Pricing, Soil Enhancements

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My guest today is Jason Aramburu, CEO of Climate Robotics.

Climate Robotics is a team of roboticists, soil scientists, and AI researchers developing advanced robotics to help sequester carbon via biochar, capitalizing on the fact that the Earth’s soils contain more than 14 times more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere. 

Jason is a serial entrepreneur and investor interested in new applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Sensors and Trustless Computing to large industries such as agriculture, mining, logistics, energy, health and climate change mitigation. 



Jason - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonaramburu

Climate Robotics - https://www.climaterobotics.com/



His current company’s ties back to his Gates Foundation-funded biochar company founded in 2006. How they’re tackling the 50% of total costs involved in transporting biochar from the site of biomass to the agricultural field. Why biochar is a permanent carbon sequestration solution, despite common misperceptions. The price per ton of various carbon removal solutions. Crop outperformance when the soil is enhanced with biochar. What it means when we say: “Name it and you can tame it.”

And lots more!



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