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#164: Manuel Pinuela⁠, CEO at ⁠Cultivo⁠ — $44 Trillion in GDP from Nature. “Search Engine for Natural Capital.” Earning Multiple Revenue Streams. Proprietary Algorithms + Boots on the Ground.

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My guest today is Manuel Pinuela, CEO at Cultivo.

Cultivo exists to accelerate finance to regenerate nature. They do this by building portfolios of high-quality natural capital that generate healthy financial returns that are good for nature and society.

Manuel has been named an Inventor of the Year and 35 Innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review for Latin America. Born in Mexico, he earned his PhD from the Imperial College of London in electrical engineering.



Manuel - https://www.linkedin.com/in/manuel-pinuela

Cultivo - https://cultivo.land



This statistic: More than half of the world’s total gross domestic product, or $44 trillion, involves activities that are moderately or highly dependent on nature. How they’re building a “search engine for natural capital.” The role of proprietary algorithms vs. boots on the ground in their assessments. How projects earn multiple revenue streams while focusing on improving degraded land.

And lots more!



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