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#163: Kameale Terry, CEO of ChargerHelp! — 97% Uptime on Electric Vehicle Chargers with Reliability as a Service (RaaS), Crazy Ideas Win, Predictive Analytics, Climate Tech Software, 5:00 AM Club

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My guest today is ⁠Kameale Terry, Cofounder and CEO of ChargerHelp!.

ChargerHelp! is the only national EV charger-dedicated operations and maintenance service provider, with over 1,000 EV technicians trained so far. Their key offering is Reliability as a Service (RaaS) – “a labor subscription service that provides peace of mind to charging station owners and operators who require fast and reliable O&M services at consistent, hassle-free prices, with 97% EV charger up time.”

Kameale Terry is a former banker, policy fellow, and EV charging software executive. She’s also the daughter of Belizean immigrants born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. She believes that an “equitable green economy can be achieved through realignment of existing workforces in conjunction with clean technology.”



Kameale - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamealecterry

ChargerHelp! - https://www.chargerhelp.com



Their new partnership with SAE International to create a standardized EV charging technician program. The benefits of betting on American consumerism to choose new technology products that delight them (like EVs). How they will leverage the largest data set nationally for EV charging operations. Why she’s a member of the 5 AM club and how it affects her mornings. How we miss out on solutions when we don’t include all people. Insights from a favorite book, Paradise Built in Hell.

And lots more!



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