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#162: Jack Morrison⁠, CEO at ⁠Scythe Robotics⁠ — Over $60M Invested in Autonomous Clean Lawnmowers, Robotic Soccer Competition, Guaranteed Reliability, 40% Cost Savings, Power Without Pollution

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My guest today is Jack Morrison, CEO and cofounder at Scythe Robotics.

Scythe produces “state-of-the-art autonomous machines that handle the mowing while your team works hard to keep your properties looking their best.” As they say, “Smell Grass, Not Gas:

Leave the noise and gas fumes behind. With all-day battery life and high torque electric motors, Scythe gives you power without pollution.” 

Jack is a liberal arts-trained technical leader with a passion for fast code and connecting computers with the physical world. He was previously the Co-Founder and CTO of Replica Labs, which focused on 3D scanning and was acquired by Occipital.


Jack - https://www.linkedin.com/in/morrisonjack/

Scythe Robotics - https://www.scytherobotics.com/



How their robotic lawnmowers can reduce costs vs. conventional lawn care by 40%. The business pivot that turns their lemons into lemonade. How the Robocup (robots playing soccer) was part of the company’s origin story. What led investors to commit $60M to their growth. How their guaranteed reliability and “pay as you mow” model align incentives to create happy customers. The diversity of their team with 40 disciplines across 80 team members, aka, Scythers.

And lots more!



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