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#159: Haroon Inam⁠, CEO of DG Matrix⁠ — The World's Smallest DC Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles. $1B Customer Pipeline. 60+ Years in Power Electronics. Emotional Intelligence. Art of War.⁠

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My guest today is Haroon Inam, CEO and co-founder at DG Matrix.

DG Matrix is a power electronics startup building L3 DC fast EV chargers, that are 10-20x smaller than competitors, as well as all-in-one single-unit microgrid solutions. They have over 100 engineers innovating on these two products.

Haroon has three decades of experience in executive, product, and operations roles in energy technology companies, including the commercialization of billions of dollars worth of power electronics products and over 50 patents awarded.


Haroon - https://www.linkedin.com/in/harooninam

DG Matrix - https://www.dgmatrix.com



Their $1B pipeline of big companies that are excited to use their fast chargers. The benefits of fast chargers that are 70% smaller than competitors’. The role of silicon carbide in their innovation. Lessons learned from 30+ years in power electronics. The benefits of improving EQ (emotional intelligence) earlier in one’s career. Why he meditates and aims for a low ego.

And lots more!



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