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#155: Strategic Planning for 40 Years, Not 4 Years — Mike Reynolds, Managing Director at Ultra Capital

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My guest today is Mike Reynolds, Managing Director at Ultra Capital.

Ultra Capital is a mid-market investor in infrastructure and growth equity in the energy transition. They were founded in 2016 and have invested $5M to $25M per company across two funds.

Mike’s prior work includes structured finance at a little-known firm named Goldman Sachs and founding EverVest, a financial modeling software for infrastructure investors.



Potential risks that billions of dollars in the IRA get clawed back if Republicans gain control of D.C. The financing niche they fill by sector and company stage. Why they don’t take tech risk. What they look for in a founding team. Why we should take a 40-year, not 4-year, view on our career trajectory. The need to set boundaries to protect time with family. FOMO vs. JOMO.

Read their white paper on political risks to the Inflation Reduction Act here: https://tinyurl.com/yxj2xv65

And lots more!



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