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#151: Here's How You Purchase Carbon Removals with Philanthropic Capital — Adam Fraser, CEO of Terraset

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⭐ My guests today are my collaborators at Terraset, the anti-GHG 501c3 that purchases CDR (aka, carbon removals) using philanthropic dollars.

Adam Fraser is our new CEO. Alex Roetter is the founder and also GP at Moxxie Ventures. Erzsi Sousa is also a Board member and wizard brand strategist.

I guess I’m a host and guest, too, as a cofounder and Board member of Terraset, too.


🎙️ In this episode, we talked about:

Why Adam took the leap and joined Terraset, leaving behind a CEO role at a multinational impact NGO. Why we chose Adam, instead of a CDR expert, to scale up Terraset.

The types of donors supporting Terraset’s mission and why they’re contributing (i.e., to build an entirely new and crucial industry, not to get offsets)

How we prioritize which CDRs we purchase. The recent growth in CDR purchases year-over-year. Our thoughts on engineered vs. nature-based solutions. And lots more…

Hope you enjoy it!

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