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#144: Carbon-Negative Power with Vegetarian Rocket Engines from Ex-SpaceX Engineer — Brad Hartwig⁠, CEO of ⁠Arbor

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⭐ My guest today is Brad Hartwig, CEO and Cofounder of Arbor.

Arbor is a carbon removal and storage company delivering carbon-negative power that converts organic waste into clean energy and fresh water. Their CTO Andres Garcia-Clark and lots of other team members bring lessons learned from SpaceX and big energy giants.

In addition, he was a former…

  • Manufacturing Engineer for Crew Dragon Engines at SpaceX engineer

  • Test Pilot for Kitty Hawk’s 100% electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle

  • Chief Propulsion Engineer at the USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory

  • Member of the Marin County Search and Rescue


🎙️ In this episode, we talked about:

  • How his work in search and rescue showed him the devastating personal and social impacts of climate-induced natural disasters

  • What he means by "vegetarian rocket engines"

  • What they did to eliminate the smoke stack from their power production systems

  • How the Earth breathes each year by absorbing 100 tons of carbon dioxide each spring and summer in biomass before releasing much of that back to the atmosphere in the fall and winter

  • Their ability to produce zero-cost clean baseload power due to monetizing other revenue streams like carbon removal credits and the 45Q tax credit

  • Their modular design to be “hardware that you can hug”

  • What surfing means to him as a way to recharge as a CEO

  • Knowing whether you’re climbing the right ladder 

  • And lots more


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