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#131: 20 Gigawatt-hours of Clean Power While Saving Customers Millions of Dollars— Naman Trivedi⁠, CEO of ⁠WattBuy⁠

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⭐ My guest today is Naman Trivedi, Cofounder and CEO of WattBuy.

WattBuy helps homeowners find the best electricity, solar plans, and more – all at the lowest price. Using just a home’s address, they crunch the data to recommend personalized bundles from the most trusted providers. To date, they’ve helped procure 20 gigawatt-hours of clean power while saving customers over four million dollars.

Partners include corporations such as Amazon, Redfin, and Samsung, as well as investors such as Schneider and MCJ Collective.


🎙️ In this episode, we talked about:

- How they reduce friction to make customers’ decisions easier

- Why they focus on action and not just education around clean power choices

- How they bill their customers under a SaaS model

- Why they’re product- and service-agnostic in the clean energy industry

- Whether they sell on cost or climate in terms of priority

- How they do business with a focus on relationships, not transactions

- Why this Buddhist quote is relevant to his style of productivity – “Don’t just do something, sit there”

- Why he thinks to-do lists are useless

- And lots more


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